Wedding car : choose it well before the big day !

Whether you have the means to offer an extravagant entry to the town hall or prefer simple but original, the vehicle on which you will travel from your home to City Hall is as important as everything else! As symbolic as the cufflinks of your future husband or the decoration of the tables of your wine of honor, your wedding car will have to be chosen with the greatest attention. Here are some basic tips to add your personal touch.

The limousine: a rare elegance

First things to consider: your budget and what would be the style of your wedding. You can always think about renting a car, borrowing one or driving your own. That said, if you have always wanted to arrive in a limo for your wedding, remember to book a few months before the ceremony and remember that you will have to consider the payment of the services of a driver. Used primarily by the stars, the limousine can offer its services to individuals as well. If you want to organize a big ceremony like celebrities, then, do not hesitate, the limousine is the car you need. Several colors available to you: between black of course, but also white or pink, there is something for everyone. It is your right to fulfill yourself by offering yourself this luxury. The interior is spacious, a real bar in motion!

The luxury sedan

If you're getting married in a luxurious place, a sedan or other sumptuous car would do the trick. It is described as a beautiful and large vehicle with rounded shapes and tinted windows. Inside, the comfortable beige leather seats contrast with the black color of the bodywork. If the wedding takes place in summer, it would be nice to be able to use the air conditioning in heat. However, always think of the person who will drive it. You do not have to offer the services of your father or stepfather as tradition dictates, but keep in mind that a Ferrari or a Porsche does not behave like any other "ordinary" car.

The carriage: tradition requires

Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with getting into a carriage; Just consider how long it will take you to get to your ceremonial venue. If you live in the countryside and the distances to be traveled are relatively short, then opt for the carriage pulled by four pretty white horses well trained. This one has its charm since it follows the decor of nature and a past time that we often want to relive today. The carriage can take many forms: from the normal to the pumpkin of "Cinderella", you choose the one that pleases you and packs you.


If the distance is rather long, prefer a small collector car, a motorcycle or even an original sidecar that will lead your future husband if it is good enough for a sunbath before the big yes! Think about your hairstyle anyway. If you do not want to ruin the complexity of your bun, opt for a covered vehicle. A masterful entry by helicopter or balloon will grant you the bliss of your guests ... and the wind in your hair! Make your choice and do not forget that you will be photographed. And you, what car did you choose for your wedding day?
The decoration of the cars of the guests
Decoration ideas for your wedding car !

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