How to rent the car for your wedding?

If you read these lines, it is certainly that you plan to get married in the near future ... And who says marriage, says married car! By taking a quick look on the internet, you probably realized that the car rental companies were not lacking. But what do you really want: a recent car or a vintage car? Is it perfect for the theme of your wedding, the image you want to give to your guests? How to be sure not to be fooled? Here are some tips and ideas that will allow you to see more clearly!

What is your budget?

Before making plans on the moon, it is important that you can set the maximum budget you want to allocate to renting the car. This information will help you to orient your research and sort. In addition, it is particularly important to have a credit card with the first and last names of the main driver. This card will be useful for depositing deposit; it is also a must measure in all rental agencies. For example, you will have to pay around 300 € per day for a vintage car and 1800 € per day for a luxury car. If you go through an individual, the bill can be lightened according to the chosen vehicle. You should also know that you can also compare offers on via specialized platforms.

What kind of car do you want?

The theme of your wedding (decorating, sharing etc.) should allow you to define quite clearly whether you are orienting yourself towards a recent vehicle or older. The car must fit and blend in with the mood of your wedding. If you opt for a vintage or country wedding, it would not be consistent to opt for a Maserati or a red Ferrari... In recent years, vintage cars have the coast for wedding ceremonies and the owners of old have understood. Take the time to compare the rates, as the amounts can vary from single to double depending on the offers. If your heart is swinging towards a newer vehicle (for example: sedan, sports car, 4 × 4 etc.), we advise you to compare the offers of the renters near you to make the best choice. Read the small lines of the contract for not having insurance, mileage included in the contract etc.

How to associate your car with your wedding theme?

With each theme your car ... Here are some examples of a perfect theme / car combination:
  • Chic: 1957 Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Type E
  • Glamor: Limousine, Rolls Royce Dawn Silver, Bentley ML Milord VI, Fiat 500 vintage, Austin Mini
  • Trendy / flashy: Sports car, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche etc.
  • Vintage / Country: Citroën 2 CV, Citroën DS, Volkswagen Beetle (1984), tandem
  • Retro / Year 50: Renault Talbot, PGO, Peugeot 403,
  • Travel: Volkswagen Combi T1 or T2, Combi Camping-Car, Jeep, Citroën Méhari
  • Cinema: Aston Martin DB5, DB6, carriage, Citroën Traction, Jaguar Type E

Choose a car with or without a driver?

In case of renting a car without driver, it will be essential to you to subscribe to insurance covering you in case of problem. Some rental agencies offer "zero franchise" insurance, it's up to you to see if you want to take the risk or not. Be careful, some owners will not allow you to leave the keys of their jewels. You will need to compensate the owner for the trip and determine accurately the duration (number of hours) of the service. The advantage of this formula is that you will not need to take out insurance because the driver will already have his own insurance. You will also not have to worry about picking up and bringing the car back after the ceremony. The rental procedures will also be simplified.

Which rental contract to choose?

We've talked about it earlier in this article, but it's important to choose a trusted landlord. Take the time to read all the clauses and check what basic insurance covers. What happens in case of failure? And what should we do in case of last minute cancellation? What is the mileage included in the contract? What are the additional fees? What is the minimum age required to rent the vehicle? Knowing that it is most of the time luxury car rental, the minimum age is usually 25, knowing that it usually takes 5 years of license! Some prestige vehicles cannot be driven by drivers under 28 years old! Whether you're going through an agency or an individual, it's very important that you get the answers to all these questions before signing the contract. Clearly take your time but do not wait until the last minute because vehicles will be scarce and prices will be higher!
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