Bling Bling cars

Chromes, diamonds or even gold : here are the Top 10 most “Bling-Bling” cars !

For some years now, car personalization has been on the rise. Beyond tuning, it now touches manufacturers, generalists as luxurious. They do not hesitate to offer almost infinite possibilities to their customers. But for some customers, customization rhymes with “bling-bling”….

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Glitter wedding with bling car at accessible price

For some couples, marriage day rhymes with glitter and rhinestone everywhere from wedding decoration up to wedding car. You can add a shiny and blingy touch to your wedding even if you must plan your event on a low budget….

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UK’s most demanded wedding cars

A large range of rental wedding cars is available in the UK. Trends and style are varying, but Rolls Royce and Bentley are very popular, classic and vintage cars. Thus, for a large bridal party a limousine rental is a…

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Bling Bling luxury cars for a Bling Bling wedding

Many options are possible for couples who want an exceptional wedding style. Bling bling wedding style brings a luxury and shiny side to the event with lots of rhinestone ribbons, jewelry and a luxury wedding car is ideal for the…

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