How does an online rental work?

The principle of online private car rental is convenient and works simply. On one side car owners who offer their car for rent and on the other side, individuals who want to rent a car for a short period of time. In between an internet platform that connects individuals.  

The different stages for renting a car from its owner

Once an owner is registered on a car rental platform its vehicle is available for online rentals and can be booked in less than ten minutes. The car owner can check the identity, the driver’s license and the profile that contains notes left by previous owners and rentals. Each car request contains informations such as place, schedule of the rental, its use during the rental. The car owner confirms the acceptance of the request and the chosen schedule for the appointment in order to pick up the vehicle and delivery of the keys. Click here to hire a car from locals, it's closer, simpler, faster and easier.

How to book the perfect car you need

You need a car from time to time? Car rental between private is a good solution for you and to rent a car you just have to register on a car rental platform. For registration various documents are requested such as driving license, identity card and means of payment. Start your search for a vehicle for the desired rental and send several requests to different car owners. Next stage, exchange with the different car owners on the progress of the rental and finally payment of the chosen rental. Inventory of the vehicle is made before and after its use with signature of the end of the contract.

Skip car rental agencies and chose a perfect alternative

Now you know how online car rental between private individuals works whether on the side of the renter or the owner, you know the progress is simple and this rental solution is a cheaper way to use a vehicle for a short time. Do not forget that there may be complications such as damage to the vehicle or problems concerning the inventory at the end of the rental. Car renting between private individuals has a positive impact on efficiency and the sharing economy has probably a bright future ahead of it. Owning a private car involves a lot of costs, fuel, insurance, maintenance and private rental or car sharing I a good way to reduce air pollution and energy dependency.
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