What are the conditions for hiring a vehicle online?

When you need a car rental booking online a vehicle is a convenient and economical way to proceed. Pay attention to ads that offer a car rental for very cheap because they don’t include fees, insurance and mileage. Generally the more the car rental brand is known, the least surprise you risk.

Conditions for hiring a vehicle online

To rent a vehicle online you have to meet certain conditions. Indeed car renters take many guarantees and you will be asked for supporting several documents but cars are valuable. On the side of the car rental company, the renter must inform his customer about the main rental conditions before signing the contract and giving him a free quote whether it’s a car rental online or direct. Several conditions regulate car rental namely being at least 21 years old and for young drivers under the age of 25 and a young driver insurance will be charged. Any person who wants to rent a car must hold its driver’s license for at least 12 years and the license musty correspond to the type of vehicle hired. For renting large sedans or a sport utility vehicle, the driver has to be over 25 years old and his driver’s license must be three years old.

Car booking procedure

Reserving a vehicle online avoids any risk of unavailability. Online booking is a good way to get preferential rates. If you are booking on uk.getaround.com you may find a schedual of the wished car, which will make things even easier for you to check the disponibility of the chosen vehicle. It is necessary to indicate the date and place of departure and the date and place of return for vehicle. A car must be picked up during business hours and in case of a holiday, some agencies deposit the keys at a place fixed in advance. Be careful if the place of departure is an airport because you will have to pay a supplementary airport tax.

Renting a car online is very simple

When renting a car online you must indicate details regarding the driver’s license, identity, date of birth and the date and time of reservation so that the car owner will be informed. Most means of payment are accepted with a preference for payment by credit card. It is advisable to pay the fare online rather than on spot because it will cost less. Generally, third party insurance is included in the car rental. It includes material and bodily injury caused to a third party and his vehicle even if the driver has no responsibility. It is possible to take out an additional insurance to cover damage to the hired car.  
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