How much could I earn by hiring out my car?

If you are interested in hiring out your car a few times a month, note that local car rental is a good way to enhance your monthly income and even to increase it. You can set your own price for each rental and fuel must be paid for by the renter. You can rent out your car on and you may earn up to £800 per month by sharing it with the people around you.

How to reduce costs of car ownership?

Insurance, fuel, maintenance, repairs, parking and tolls ... having a car is more and more expensive and that is the reason why the number of car owners that decide to register on the online car rental between private individuals is growing. But all owners registered can’t always get a rental regularly. Some categories of vehicles such as minibuses or utility cars attract more requests than others and some owners earn less than expected because their vehicle runs on diesel. Moreover it is not so easy to get a rental because a great amount of cars are registered. A good tip if you are a freshly registered owner on a rental web site is to set your price not too high, rather slightly lower than average to attract renters that cannot get their usual car rental because the vehicle is not available at the time.

How to set my rental price for my car? 

The first criterion that makes a car attractive is the location. In major cities, registered owners multiply their chances for rentals. The price indicated per day is a gross fare not including the kilometers. The renter sets the number of kilometers he wishes to make during his rental for at least 20 kilometers. On average vehicles offered for rent bring less than 600 € a year and less than 50€ a month to their owners. Car rental between individuals and car sharing is part of the collaborative economy and the main objective is not to bring money and significant enrichment but to limit waste of natural resources and to share them.

Decreasing costs for the renter

When you decide to hire out your car on a car rental platform, you must indicate the category of the car, its year of circulation so that the algorithm of the web site can calculate the average price fare. However, you can modify the amount of average price rental day directly on the online advertisement. A rental price always decreases over time: first day price, weekend price, rental price for 1 week, 2 weeks… To this price, you add a kilometer price depending on the trip.
What is an “excess” in car rental? How does it work?
How does an online rental work?

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