The decoration of the cars of the guests

We always imagine a magnificent procession of cars, with a beautiful, well-decorated wedding car at the top, and behind the cars of the matching guests. However, to achieve such a procession, it is important to know some details!

Who provides the decorations?

Many brides and grooms question the question of who provides wedding decorations: should they include it in their budget, or will guests buy ribbons by themselves to decorate their car? Rather, if you want a decorated and harmonious procession, the bride and groom will have to offer the decorations themselves. Indeed, it will be the only way to have homogeneity in the decoration of all cars.

When to give the decorations?

Of course, if it is up to you to provide the decorations, we will have to organize to send the ribbons to the guests quickly enough. Two possibilities are available to you: either you pass them in the days that precede the wedding, but this requires seeing most people before the big day, or you give the guests their decoration the same day, from their arrival at the town hall. You will have the procession well decorated on your departure for the Church or for the reception, if you do not go to the Church.

Who give the decorations of the cars of the guests

Of course, the bride and groom have many other things to think about on the wedding day than to distribute the decorations for the guests. It is at this point that the role of the witnesses comes into play: they will be the ones who will distribute to the guests the decorations of the cars. Thus, future brides and grooms can prepare themselves and welcome guests serenely!

How many decorations?

If you prepare the knots yourself in advance, you can give 3 per guest (usually two to mirrors and one to the rear wiper). You can also just give 40cm tulle pieces to the guests to make themselves the knots. Plan three ribbons or six (if you want to mix two colors) per vehicle.
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