Wedding car trends : what are the most popular cars ?

Wedding cars from the 50s or the 60s are very popular especially among couples that do not know much about cars and wish to book a car that looks great and match well the needs for the special wedding day such a voluminous wedding dress or several persons driving it for the event.

Check the style of car you would like

As for fashion wedding cars have their own trend. 36% of couples choose a classic or a vintage car, 26% a luxury limousine, 20% a modern vehicle, 8.4% an impressive sports car, 4.6% a Hummer model and 3.7% opt for a Hot Rod. When planning your wedding, the type of car is often a critical issue as the style of the car must match with the theme and colors of wedding. If the couple likes all vintage things then a vintage model is a good choice that is always popular and most people like. Cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley are high on the list of popular wedding vehicles as well as Jaguars or Mercedes models.

Wedding car reflects the couple’s personality

Marriage day is a special day and wedding car is part of the package. Most couples want every aspect of the wedding to be unique and special. They opt for a luxury car booking that will be customized to the wedding style and theme and decorated with bouquets or floral arrangements. According to luxury car rental companies, the trend in the 1990s was a wedding fleet that was mainly white but now more and more couples also ask for cool colors for their wedding car. Modern and well-accessorized cars are popular and in huge demand because they are reliable and meet all the needs of the special day. Do not forget that sticking to the budget is also a deciding factor when choosing your wedding car and this is not a matter of fashion or not.

Choosing a trendy wedding car

A wedding car rental is not only a question of fashion and whatever the trend is, it is important to choose a comfortable and relaxing car. Do not forget to choose it with a spacious interior and enough space for the bride’s wedding dress. A dress friendly car is a practical decision that should be taken into account just as much as a wedding car that is adapted to all weather conditions as in Britain weather is rather unpredictable throughout the year.
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Wedding car : choose it well before the big day !

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