Top 5 cars not to be missed for your wedding!

You left nothing to chance for the big day. Choosing an exceptional place, catering, guest list, wedding dress and what about the car? No need for an exorbitant budget to afford the best. Discover our Top 5 cars not to be missed for the big day!

A country wedding in Normandy

Ah! Normandy: the charm of a beautiful region, authentic and without bling-bling. Nothing is better than to flutter green. Lionel will take you to your place of reception and give a tone "campaign" to your beautiful Norman wedding.

A wedding feet in the water

In Toulon, for example, with a view of the sea, we only get married once (that's what we promise). So, enjoy yourself: Pascal's Porsche will be the perfect coach for the best day of your life. This will make all your guests jealous.

A wedding on the roof of the world

It's so romantic to say YES in the clouds ... But before, you have to climb! For a wedding in the mountains, you have to combine charm and power off-road: indulge yourself with the Land Rover Armando (the moustached sticker is optional).

A charming wedding

Gordes: one of the most beautiful villages in France especially in winter or off season. No one can escape the extravagant beauty of this remote region of Lubéron. For an unforgettable wedding without breaking the bank, rent Vincent's cabriolet.

Vintage wedding beyond the borders

Why not San Sebastian? Close to Biarritz and Bayonne regions, your guests will have no excuse to miss this unique day. Put them in full view, rent Veronica's Ladybug Convertible at the border, and drive straight to Spain.
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