The most original married arrivals

Your wedding is planned, the place of reception reserved and the chosen outfits, it is time to choose in which way you wish to present your wedding. Whether noticed or more discreet, your arrival will in any case attract the attention of your guests! Less classic than the traditional arrival of the bride and groom in music, here is a compilation of the most surprising arrivals!

An arrival of married balloon

If you are brides and grooms, you should avoid this means of transport. Otherwise, go for it! Take the opportunity to bring your witnesses and so you schedule a balloon baptism. Romantic and aerial, this arrival of the bride and groom will allow you to make a star entrance from the sky. In addition, the view of your guests and the landscapes of your region will certainly be worth the detour.

A bride and groom arriving in a sports car

A little less original than the others, the arrival by sports car has always had its success with future spouses. Check out bling bling, perfect for princess weddings of modern times, the latter will put the eyes of your loved ones. However, Monsieur will have a heartache when he has to return it at the end of the rental.

A bride and groom arriving in a carriage

Perfect for a country wedding, arrival in a carriage is a great success. Romantic wishes, it will give an incredible charm to your reception.

A bride and groom arrival in a vintage car

In the "old fashioned" category, I ask for the vintage car! Less eye-catching than the sports car, the latter fits perfectly with a vintage theme.

The arrival of married in helicopter

If the balloon did not convince you as coming from the air, maybe the helicopter will do it. Only downside, it is likely that you are disheveled. Ask your hairdresser not to skimp on the lacquer.

The arrival of the bride and groom in a boat

If you are a bride and groom having seasickness, it is better to avoid this means of transport.

An arrival of the bride and groom on a motorcycle

Future married bikers, this arrival will surely make you happy!

Arrival of the newlyweds on a bicycle

What's cuter than a bicycle arrival?

The arrival of the married couple on horseback

Ride "tornado" and "lightning" for your wedding arrival.

A scooter for the arrival of the newlyweds

Make an arrival worthy of an Italian wedding in Capri with a nice Vespa! Success assured.

The arrival of the newlyweds in tractor

It seems that love is in the meadow. So call on a farmer in your area to put you on your ceremony place.
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