The broom car : is it always a good choice for your wedding ?

The broom car is a must-have tradition for some and a little too old-fashioned for others. Is she really useful in a wedding? What is his role? We will discover this in this article. First of all, the broom car exists since the beginning of the 20th century, it comes from cycling and its mission was to recover the riders who were unable to continue the race.

Broom cars for a wedding

In a wedding, it is in charge of following the bride and groom in each step of the day. It also guides the guests to the various places; it is the end of procession car. The driver must know the route of the day on the fingertips, often it is the witnesses who are in charge of this mission.

Decorating your broom car

Generally the broom car is an old car type 2 horse decorated with a broom or a hanged to illustrate the phrase "the rope on the neck". It is perhaps because of this decoration and this expression that it is less and less used at weddings. Of course, you do not have to respect this tradition; you can decorate your car end of procession to your taste! Why not make a decoration that suits you, according to the theme of your wedding, flowers, ribbons, sequins, writing... You can also choose not to decorate it but it may be important that it is present and clearly visible to prevent guests from getting lost during different trips. You can opt for one of your lightly decorated cars or for a rental car that will be visible to all if you wish. The broom car is an original tradition in a wedding; it's up to you to make it a little more modern and to your liking!
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