Decoration themes of a wedding car

After choosing the vehicle that will transport the bride and groom, you have to choose its decoration, because it will make it even more exceptional. Remember that you will only use this decoration on your wedding day and if you rent or borrow the car, it will only be for the occasion. But this is your wedding ceremony and it would be good to please you, right? The decoration of the car of the newlyweds should not be taken lightly but, on the contrary, it is a question of thinking well, at rest, with the types of decorations desired, the colors, the forms without forgetting the matter with which is made the decorative object like velvet or satin. The set must match with the kind of car chosen.

Modern decoration

First of all, you must know that a car without decoration is not a wedding car. If your choice regarding the bride and groom's vehicle is made and you have finally opted for the luxury sedan, then a proposal that is both simple and elegant would be to install a large, slanted white ribbon slanting all the way through the car with pretty knots and bouquets of flowers on the handles and on the rear window; it is a chic car that would make many emotions. If you chose a limousine, for the outside, take the most beautiful ribbons that exist to decorate it. For the interior, adorn it with fresh and fragrant flowers whose scents will invade you as soon as you enter.

Traditional decoration

Are you more tempted by the carriage and the country landscape? So, do not hesitate to decorate this car of an old style with nice flowers separated or, on the contrary, in the form of bouquets that you will place in the visible places. Know, moreover, that lace is a very popular fabric among women living in the countryside. So, if you like the idea, have your lace woven with the pattern and color of your choice beforehand. Then fix it all around the carriage. It will look like a large open flower in the heart of which will settle comfortably married. And, do not forget to attach old cans at the back, pulled by strings and make the sound of happiness while the carriage is running.

Decoration both fast and simple

Prefer a sticker on the back of your car labeled "Just Married" rather than a giant heart made of expensive material that would eventually drag on the floor as you drive your classic car. Better yet, choose a decorating kit that includes automatic knots, tulle rolls and cockades to attach to the doors. To make it easier, write "Long live the bride and groom" on the back of your vehicle with a special glass marker or buy an original license plate that would indicate your first names, and voila! The decorations of married cars, that's not missing. All is well to choose them according to the type of car so that the latter is well developed.
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