Choosing a carriage or a classic car for your wedding day

In the UK it is very common to choose a Rolls Royce or a Bentley for wedding ceremony. For their wedding some couples choose a big sedan, a sports car a vintage car or a horse-drawn carriage. However before choosing your wedding car you should consider a few factors in order to make the right choice.

Find the right wedding for your special day

Choosing the right wedding car is not so easy especially when you don’t know much about cars. You certainly have a very wide choice of cars such as a big sedan, a vintage car, a convertible a Cinderella’s carriage, a sports car… but you have to take into account some additional factors like the price, the style of your wedding or the season. A successful wedding means choosing the right means of transportation that will be used all along the best day of your life. Opting for a limousine as a wedding car is a good choice because this type of vehicle is ideal for creating a fabulous wedding atmosphere. This type of cars has many advantages, it’s comfortable and spacious and you can take several guests with you.

Choose a wedding car adapted to the theme and weather

The style of a wedding car must be adapted to the theme of your wedding. It is also very important to choose a car according to the season when ceremony takes place: for instance avoid a convertible if the wedding takes place in winter or a big sedan for a gipsy style wedding.  A vintage car or a classic car is a wonderful idea for a countryside wedding style. Opt for a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, old or new model, if you wish to impress the gallery and organize a luxury wedding.

Choose a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding day

Like Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle, opt for a horse-drawn carriage and have a wonderful time. You can relax while moving smoothly and really enjoy your wedding day along with the rhythm of hooves on the asphalt. Marriage transportation using a carriage rental is a great idea if you want to breathe after all the stress of the wedding preparation. You can find wedding carriages throughout the UK and this type of rental will cost you less than hiring an expensive Rolls Royce or a big sedan. Your special day will become even more special and certainly memorable to all of you.
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