The transport of the couple on the wedding day

Exceptional day, exceptional means of transport! Indulge yourself and give yourself the luxury of riding in the vehicle of your dreams! A quick tour of the different modes of transport for an unforgettable day...

Aim for harmony!

A first tip before choosing your vehicle is to ensure that it is in harmony with the style and theme of your day. For a city wedding, in a castle or a very chic place, you can choose a high-end service: a white limousine or a luxury car (Rolls-Royce, Cadillac ...) with driver ... a luxurious spacious sedan and comfortable, suitable for the most voluminous dresses ... The more romantic married will opt for a collection model that gives a lot of character to the wedding (Tacot, Citroën Traction, Ladybug, 4CV, DS ...) or a carriage or a coach pulled by horses. Country weddings can be geared towards models such as the 2CV or the Jeep, the adventurers to the Mehari, the 4X4 or even the motorcycle with side car for the comfort of the bride! For athletes, cycling or tandem can be a sensation but remain uncomfortable, it must be agreed! For the same reasons, the horse is to book for riding enthusiasts! If you do not have seasickness, think of the speedboat, the Jet Ski or the simple fishing boat quieter ... And why not some little rides in the air after having hitched? The helicopter, paragliding, hot air balloon can leave great memories! Do you prefer to take all the wedding with you? The private bus is the solution.

Which address? When to book?

To find the vehicle of your dreams, turn to a rental company four to six months before D-Day. Prestige cars are very popular and reservations are quickly complete for the wedding season (May to September). Start the rental the day before the wedding to get the vehicle early in the morning of the day and give it to the people responsible for its decoration.

The decoration of cars

It is customary to decorate the car of the bride. For this, you can ask your florist who can make one or two sheaves to deposit on the back shelf, as well as a composition for the front cover. The decoration of the car must of course be in keeping with the style of your wedding. The guests' cars, traditionally, are adorned with tulle or ribbons (matched with the colors of the day, of course), in order to harmonize the procession and thus offer a simple and effective sign of recognition.

Who drives the car?

The tradition is that the bride and groom arrive separately and leave the place of the ceremony together to go to the place of reception. Most of the time, it is the father of the bride who drives the car. There is no real rule and you can choose to be driven by one of your brothers, a witness, a friend or the owner of the vehicle. The car rental companies offer drivers wearing gloves, liveries and caps ... If you feel like it, why not? But beware of the driver's presence time usually limited to 5 hours.

The broom-wagon, what is it?

This is the car of one of your relatives, who will be responsible for closing the convoy to prevent guests from getting lost on the road. He also informs other motorists that this is a wedding procession by telling them the length of the convoy. For all this, we must be ... visible to all! Its decoration is generally rather crazy and therefore easily identifiable: pans, tin cans and sound objects of all kinds are often in the game. Customized according to the passions of the bride and groom (all crafts are allowed!), the broom car becomes a quasi-work of art!

More tips:

Precautions before taking the road of happiness...If you rent a car, ask your rental agency if it has special rates for weddings. Is the full done? Does the driver have the vehicle papers? Who can keep a 2nd set of keys just in case? Remember to recognize all trips a few days before, to avoid any unforeseen last minute. Ask one of your witnesses to reserve a parking space near the venue.
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