Rental details : Are additional drivers accepted ?

According to the car rental agreement, only the declared driver is insured but it is possible to add several additional drivers to your booking. For car rental between locals and car rental platforms only one driver is insured. A Driver must always show his driver’s license when picking up the vehicle. If you are interested in hiring a car or putting yours to hire, for more ideas and informations about local car hiring visit this website.

Car rental : the question of additional drivers

When renting a car it is very important to be well-informed about the question of any additional driver. Do not consider the "additional driver" option lightly. If you do not report an additional driver to the agency when picking up your vehicle, the insurance will not cover the damage in the event of an accident. On the side of the car rental agencies there is no problem to add one or more drivers but if you go through a rental platform between individuals, a lot of them refuse the registration of an additional driver. If you rent a car and you have any questions on the additional car driver rental option, you have to inform correctly to avoid problems.

Registering an additional driver 

If you need to rent a car for a short amount of time you may not have the problem of the additional driver but if you organize a road trip and you also want to enjoy the scenery, the solution of having an additional driver will be a necessity when hiring a car. In this case, you should better consider a rental car with additional driver free of charge. It is possible to buy additional driver option directly from the renter when you pick up the vehicle and you just inform the renter that you wish to register one or several other drivers on the rental contract. The additional driver must be physically present and show his driving license so that he can be registered on the lease. As regards payment the credit card must be in the name of the main driver.

Importance of stipulating additional driver

It is very important to stipulate any additional driver when renting a car so that car insurance is effective and covers any eventual accident. Terms and conditions of car rental differ from one renter to another. In any case, all drivers must have their papers in order unless the insurance will refuses to cover the damage sustained in the event of an accident by the driver. Compensations can be reduced or insurer may invoke the nullity of the contract.   
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