How does the insurance cover work?

If hiring a car from individuals wihtout taking any help from any agency is an interesting concept, it is necessary to take some certain precautions regarding the vehicle's insurance contract when you decide to start car rental. It is essential to check your auto insurance policy to be well covered in case of damage or accidents during car rental.

Do I need to etablish a specific insurance contract?

Car rental between private does not escape the development of the collaborative economy. Websites such as, help connect local car owners and renters easily without intermediary. Many car owners wonder what precautions they should take regarding the insurance for car rentals between locals. If you decide to go through a car rental platform accessible on the web, this company will provide you a vehicle for the duration of the lease. But be careful to inform yourself about the insurance offered by this intermediary e.g. does the insurance for private rentals cover all drivers without exception ? Does it cover vehicles without any exclusion ? Finally, does the insurance provide a guarantee of assistance in the event of a breakdown or an accident ? In most cases, private car rental intermediaries offer all accident insurance. These companies guarantee compulsory civil liability and cover the material damage to the vehicle as well as the risk of fire and theft.

The importance of an insurance for the car owner

Insurances dedicated to car rental between individuals fully protect the owner. In case the person that rented his vehicle has an accident, the car owner does not lose his bonus. In case of offenses committed by the renter of the vehicle, the owner does not lose his driver's license points and does not pay the fine either.

Car rental between particular

Car owners who decide to engage in private car rental without going through a website must contact their insurer in order to adapt the insurance contract when he rents his car. It must be known that the owner responsibility is not engaged in case of a traffic accident due to a driving fault of the person who rents and drives the vehicle. On the other hand, if the driver's liability was withheld during an accident, a penalty could be applied to the vehicle's insurance policy. If you want to rent a car, it is important to ask the owner to provide you with a certificate of insurance that specifies these conditions.
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