How do I extend or modify a rental?

To modify or extend a car rental, contact a web platform, such as, and the car owner will confirm if the extension or the modification of the rental is possible. Most peer to peer car booking platforms limit their rentals to 30 days. Car rental that do not go through an internet platform, contact directly the car owner.  

How to proceed for a car rental extension

An unexpected event may occur and force the car renter to modify or extend the rental period. If a request for extension is not accepted, the renter must return the car at the date and time originally scheduled. Note a rental can never last more than 30 consecutive days. In case of extension, it is not necessary to print a second lease as the contract initially established is still valid. If the renter does not have Internet access or is in possession of your car outside the rental dates originally scheduled the owner must contact the car rental web platform.

Modifications in rental terms

As a general rule, after having booked a vehicle, you can always modify or extend the rental period of your car, change the dates of pick-up and / or refund or opt for another category of vehicle if possible. Modifying a booking, extending a reservation as well as cancelling a reservation is free of charge up to 24 hours before pick-up vehicle. However, changing a car reservation does not guarantee the renter to get the same rate. He may for example lose the benefit of having made his reservation early as rates increased in between. Also note that the availability of the desired new car must be checked again. For reasons of confidentiality some platforms require that modification or extension of rental period must be made by telephone and no change can be processed by mail.  

Returning a rental car earlier than expected

If renter wants to return the rental earlier than expected as a rule he will not be reimbursed for unused rental days. Note exceptions are possible and in some special cases renter can make a refund in case of force majeure e.g. serious accident or accident. However there is no legal obligation and it is a commercial gesture that depends on the decision of the renter. If you have agreed on a private rental basis it is necessary to deal with the owner of the car. Note the advantage of car renting with the same car owner.
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