How can I be sure that I’m hiring a car in a good condition ?

In terms of car rental, competition is tough and prices vary significantly. It is essential to check the various points of the car rental contract before committing. It is also important to check the condition of the vehicle to avoid any risks. In case of breakdown the renter must take charge of the vehicle's repair.

Tips when receiving a car rental

If you live in an urban environment and you want to go on a weekend or vacation, car rental is cheaper than buying your own car, especially if you hire on a plateform such as Maintenance, insurance and parking are all fixed costs which are high and that car owners have to ensure. Car rental also means freedom to choose any type of vehicle. When a car renter gives you the keys of the vehicle you have to make a thorough examination. Apart from the mileage, it is essential to make an inventory of the rental car to check any damage. The renter rarely goes to the car park where the vehicle is parked and it is up to the customer to check that the state corresponds to the actual condition. If you notice any damage which is not registered in the contract, redo a new status sheet otherwise all the damage not listed in the contract (scratches, bumps, broken optics, windshield damage etc ...) will be charged by you. Check the presence or not of the spare wheel which could be charged by a unscrupulous car renter when you bring back the car.

Take pictures of the vehicle

When renting a car don’t hesitate to take pictures of the vehicle in the presence of the car owner before signing the inventory. You will have to keep these until the end of the rental and even seven days later as evidence in case of problems. In case you caused a significant deterioration check with a mecanist the amount of the deterioration so that the car renter can’t charge an exorbitant amount.

Check the mileage of the car rental

Before starting check mileage of the vehicle and if your rental is limited to a certain amount of kilometers plan your route as accurately as possible. Always choose a vehicle that best suits your needs. Note that several renters offer car rental with unlimited mileage. For each additional kilometer, you must pay sometimes high fees. Check the sound of the engine and that all the indicators of the car work normally.
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