Decoration ideas for your wedding car !

The choice of the car of your wedding is important because it is in your coach that you will make a remarkable arrival. But for your wedding car to be at your height, choose it according to the theme of your wedding. In particular, for a vintage or country theme, opt for a ladybug in the colors of your wedding because this type of iconic vehicles is synonymous with emotions. A Rolls-Royce is also a smart choice for a chic-themed wedding with its luxurious English touch. Nevertheless, enjoy a Tesla for a wedding green theme because the particularity of this car manufacturer is that it manufactures only 100% electric cars, so more environmentally friendly.

But what to do as decoration for your wedding car ?

Many floral decorations are possible:
  • a bouquet of flowers harmoniously composed and deposited with or without suction cup on the hood and on the rear window
  • knots carefully hung on the wrists
  • a garland of flowers adorned majestically on your wedding car
So, you have a great choice available to you but find the ideal decoration that will go with your wedding theme. However, ask your florist and decorator for the best advice on choosing the shape and size of your bouquet for your car.

Renting a prestigious car for your wedding?

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